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Speech Assistive Communication Boards for speech disabled Individuals.

TALKpointer Communication Boards are used for temporary
or long term speech disabled individuals with limited hand control that have difficulty writing or typing. The drag adjustable pointer-dials help control movement for the user so they can select words, phrases and/or spell to communicate with another person present. Easily replaced charts enable personalization, bi-lingual additions and/or blanks for easy customization. We are working on providing the option of many languages and can supply blank or co-develop communication charts for specific purposes.

The communication boards are simple, non-electronic and therefore
of reasonable cost. They are meant to be realistically useful worldwide, adaptable to any assistive communication that would work with
pointing to words, phrases or pictures.

Below is a video of our most versatile model, TALKpointer 2A - 15"h x 18"w, 2 charts


Below is our TALKpointer Mini - Small: 10"h x 12"w, one chart - easily portable
limited phrases, meant mainly for spelling

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